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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

When is comes to virtualization, what is the XAPI Project?

When is comes to virtualization, what is the XAPI Project?

  • A management tool to create / snap / restore and destroy VMs on XenServer
  • A toolstack specifically for XenServer Windows and Linux guest operability.
  •  A Xen project developing an enterprise ready XAPI tool stack.
  • A backup utility of XenServer that takes advantage of other tools built into the Xen hypervisor. 
When is comes to virtualization, what is the XAPI Project?



XAPI is a sub-project within Xen. It is the only answer that correctly identifies XAPI as a sub project.
The Xen Project Management API (XAPI) is:
A Xen Project Toolstack that exposes the XAPI interface. When we refer to XAPI as a toolstack, we typically include all dependencies and components that are needed for XAPI to operate (e.g. xenopsd).An interface for remotely configuring and controlling virtualised guests running on a Xen-enabled host. XAPI is the core component of XenServer and XCP.XAPI adds additional functionality compared to other Xen Project toolstacks, including:
Extending the software to cover multiple hostsEnhancing the VM lifecycle, including live snapshots, VM checkpointing, and VM migrationEnabling resource pools to include live migration, auto configuration, and disaster recoveryAllowing flexible storage and networking including integrated Open vSwitch support and storage XenMotion® live Migration (cross-pool migration, VDI migration)Enabling event tracking, with progress and notificationCreating upgrade and patching capabilitiesFacilitating real-time performance monitoring and alertingIntegrations with cloud orchestration stacksBuilt-in support and templates for Windows and Linux guests



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