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Monday, May 20, 2019

Which network topology requires terminators?

Which network topology requires terminators?

  • Mesh
  • Ring
  • Bus
  • Star 
Which network topology requires terminators?



The correct answer to the question “Which Network topology requires terminators?” is letter A or bus network. Before we delve into that, it is worthy to mention that there are two kinds of topology – the logical topology which define the method used for accessing a media, and Physical topology which defines the Design of the media and includes bus, ring, star, extended star, hierarchical, and mesh network.
Now that we know the two types of topology, bus topology is considered as one of the first application types of the ethernet. It requires less cable than that of star topology, but if the main cable is down, then that just means that all network is down, as well. It also requires terminators on cable end points.


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