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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What is an RTO?

What is an RTO?

  • Recovery Time Objective
  • Real-Time Output
  • Really Terrifying Oddball
  • Recovery Task Outputs 
What is an RTO?


RTO defined

RTO, or Recovery Time Objective, is the target time you set for the recovery of your IT and business activities after a disaster has struck. The goal here is to calculate how quickly you need to recover, which can then dictate the type or preparations you need to implement and the overall budget you should assign to business continuity.
If, for example, you find that your RTO is five hours, meaning your business can survive with systems down for this amount of time, then you will need to ensure a high level of preparation and a higher budget to ensure that systems can be recovered quickly. On the other hand, if the RTO is two weeks, then you can probably budget less and invest in less advanced solutions.



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