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Friday, August 2, 2019

What is the T-568B patch cable pin-out?

What is the T-568B patch cable pin-out?

  • BR-g-O-B-b-o-G-br
  • o-O-g-B-b-G-br-BR
  • br-BR-G-o-O-g-b-B
  • g-G-o-B-b-O-br-BR 


Straight-Through Ethernet Cable Pin Out for T568A

RJ45 Pin # Wire Color
Wire Diagram
10Base-T Signal
100Base-TX Signal
1000Base-T Signal
1 White/Orange white/orange Transmit+ BI_DA+
2 Orange orange Transmit- BI_DA-
3 White/Green white/green Receive+ BI_DB+
4 Blue blue Unused BI_DC+
5 White/Blue white/blue Unused BI_DC-
6 Green green Receive- BI_DB-
7 White/Brown white/brown Unused BI_DD+
8 Brown brown Unused BI_DD-




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