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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Does the DVI connector provide a Digital or Analog connection?

Does the DVI connector provide a Digital or Analog connection?

  • Digital per DVI ISO-907 format specification.
  • Analog per DVI ISO-1055 format specification.
  • Both Digital and Analog; depends on DVI connector type.
  • Neither. The DVI connector uses Direct Video Interfacing technology. 


There are two main types of DVI connections:
  • DVI-digital (DVI-D) is a digital-only format. It requires a video adapter with a DVI-D connection and a monitor with a DVI-D input. The connector contains 24 pins/receptacles in 3 rows of 8 plus a grounding slot for dual-link support. For single-link support, the connector contains 18 pins/receptacles.
  • DVI-integrated (DVI-I) supports both digital and analog transmissions. This gives you the option to connect a monitor that accepts digital input or analog input. In addition to the pins/receptacles found on the DVI-D connector for digital support, a DVI-I connector has 4 additional pins/receptacles to carry an analog signal.
If you buy a monitor with only a DVI (digital) connection, make sure that you have a video adapter with a DVI-D or DVI-I connection. If your video adapter has only an analog (VGA) connection, look for a monitor that supports the analog format.


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