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Monday, December 30, 2019

What allows you to move the cursor on a screen?

What allows you to move the cursor on a screen?

  • This one time, at band camp
  • Mouse
  • A series of well organised sausagerolls performing a electronic coup
  • The feeling when you just know youve forgotten something but cant remember what. 


If your machine is equipped with arrow keys, try these now. You should be able to move the cursor freely about the screen by using combinations of the up, down, right, and left arrow keys.
Moving With Arrow Keys
  • To move left, press h .
  • To move right, press l .
  • To move down, press j .
  • To move up, press k .
 he cursor?

You can simply press Shift-right-arrow, and then start typing. In contrast, to these combination shift-arrow commands which move the cursor to the beginning and end of lines, the Ctrl-left-arrow and Ctrl-right-arrow keys move the screen image 20 spaces in the opposite direction to the arrow, without moving the cursor.



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