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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Which of the following modules cannot be installed during or after the installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server?

Which of the following modules cannot be installed during or after the installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server?

  • Optimized computing
  • Desktop Applications
  • Basesystem
  • Server Applications


Creating a new computing platform is a colossal effort. It requires a new hardware architecture, processor design, processor fabrication, system design, operating system enablement and finally, application enablement. Historically, introducing a new computing platform was only attempted by large companies with the resources to attempt all of those tasks. Even then, most new platforms fail to achieve wide-spread use. Arm used a different approach to introduce the 64-bit Arm server platform—leveraging many different partners to deliver parts of the solution. This allows each partner to focus on the area where they have the most expertise. With the recent announcement of the HPE Catalyst UK program, the evolution of the Arm server program reached an inflection point—customers can actually start using the 64-bit Arm platform at scale for high performance computing workloads. This program is the culmination of many years of effort by Arm, Cavium, HPE, SUSE, and thousands of other partners and contributors. The three supercomputer clusters delivered by the Catalyst UK program will use over 12,000 Cavium ThunderX2 Arm processors in HPE Apollo 70 systems running SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing and SUSE Enterprise Storage. These supercomputers are designed to enable new scientific discoveries and enhance the competitiveness of businesses by leveraging simulation and artificial intelligence on a large scale. SLE HPC is tailored for HPC workloads by including the HPC module packages that are fully supported on 64-bit Arm and X86-64 hardware. As a premier enterprise Linux distribution, SUSE contributes to the HPC open-source community through projects such as OpenHPC. In fact, SUSE Linux is the operating system used for the OpenHPC 64-bit Arm build and test infrastructure.


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  1. Optimized computing cannot be installed. I don't know what the garbage for an explanation is supposed to be, but the answer to the question is "optimized computing".


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