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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

What does IaaS stand for?

What does IaaS stand for?

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a System
  • Infrastructure as a Storage
  • Infrastructure as a Server

What does IaaS stand for?


IaaS Definition

IaaS offers businesses and organisations various services and solutions such as pay-as-you-go Cloud storage, networking and VM’s (Virtual Machines).

It offers a cloud-based alternative to on-premise infrastructure so that business don’t have to invest in expensive and on-site equipment.

To put that into simpler language; picture your I.T department for a moment. Do they have a server room somewhere in the building?

That’s on-premise infrastructure.

Now imagine that room wasn’t there anymore and those ‘servers’ were virtual machines on the internet. That’s IaaS.

Infrastructure as a Service delivered over the internet.
Benefits Of IaaS

Having on site infrastructure (like servers) is expensive, labour intensive, takes up valuable office space and with depreciation of hardware isn’t a great long-term investment.

It can often involve an expensive up-front cost for the physical hardware plus the cost of installing and then, on a day to day basis, maintaining it.

The benefit of IaaS is that you only need to buy what you need as you need it, purchasing more as your business expands.

This makes it a flexible and scalable solution that can be upgraded or replaced as per business demands compared to expensive physical hardware, that due to its high initial cost you may need to ‘get the most out of’, even if it’s long past it’s best.
Examples of IaaS

    Microsoft Azure,
    Amazon Web Services (AWS),
    Cisco Metapod,
    Google Compute Engine (GCE)



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