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Monday, April 22, 2019

In telecommunications, what does DIA stand for?

In telecommunications, what does DIA stand for?

  • Dynamic Internet Access
  • Digital Internet Access
  • Direct Internet Access
  • Dedicated Internet Access 


 These are data center applications which might require your company to need a Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuit, instead of the average, cost-effective business Internet access types, like Fios, U-verse, business-class cable, and DSL.

Types of Dedicated Internet Access circuits include:
Dedicated Fiber (a.k.a. fast ethernet, metro ethernet, ethernet over fiber); Ethernet over Copper (EoC); T-1 (DS-1); T-3 (DS-3); and Dedicated Fixed-Wireless.
The type of DIA circuit your company needs, depends on the circuit types available at your address and the bandwidth your company requires. In theory, the type of DIA circuit (i.e. fiber vs. T-1), only affects the bandwidth and price of the Internet connection.




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