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Monday, April 22, 2019

What are the types of Eavesdropping attacks?

What are the types of Eavesdropping attacks?

  • Passive & Active
  • Data driven & software written
  • Right & Wrong
  • malicous & outbound 

What are the types of Eavesdropping attacks?


Eavesdropping attacks occur through the interception of network traffic. By eavesdropping, an attacker can obtain passwords, credit card numbers and other confidential information that a user might be sending over the network. Eavesdropping can be passive or active:
  • Passive eavesdropping — A hacker detects the information by listening to the message transmission in the network.
  • Active eavesdropping — A hacker actively grabs the information by disguising himself as friendly unit and by sending queries to transmitters. This is called probing, scanning or tampering.
Detecting passive eavesdropping attacks is often more important than spotting active ones, since active attacks requires the attacker to gain knowledge of the friendly units by conducting passive eavesdropping before.
Data encryption is the best countermeasure for eavesdropping.



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