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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

In SQL Server, what is backward recovery?

In SQL Server, what is backward recovery?

  • Switching to an existing copy of the database
  • Applying after-images to the database
  • Applying after-images and before-images to the DB
  • Applying before-images to the database 
In SQL Server, what is backward recovery?


Backwards recovery can be thought of as simply restoring the last saved point. Forward recovery is often about starting from the last saved point and then applying transactions that are newer than the save point, i.e. you are now forward of the save point.

Backward Recovery. Backward recovery restores a journaled database to a prior state. Backward processing starts by rolling back updates to a checkpoint (specified by -SINCE or -AFTER) prior to the desired state and replaying database updates forward till the desired state.




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